Nielsen Agronomics Inc.
20350 610th Ave. Rose Creek, MN

Crop Scouting

We do in field crop scouting.

Crop Plans

We create crop plans for each field in an operation.  The plans include fertilizer, weed management, insect management, variety, population, tillage, and any other action point that is needed.

Zone Soil Testing

Example Zone Sampling

We provide Zone Sampling.  Zones are created based on Soil Types, Yield Maps, Elevation, Soil Color, and past history.

Grid Soil Testing

Example 2.5 ac. Grid Sampling

We provide Grid sampling.

Fertility Recommendations

We develop fertility recommendations for each field in an operation.  We can do VRT recommendations based on grid or zone soil tests.  We look at yields, soil test history, and fertilizer application history to make sure that the current recommendation is accurate.